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How to Add volume and color to your short hair
over 2 years ago
short hair extension

If you have superfine short hair, the best way to style it, is the addition of a suitable hair extension. In fact, if you are planning to add volume, depth, and color to your short hair, going for an extension would always be the best possible option to consider. Here are a few tips to make your short hair look volumetric and gorgeous:


Volume-enhancing haircut may just be the right choice to make


If you have superfine short hair, you need to work closely with the hair stylist to create shortcuts that would maximize the hair fullness levels. Also, it is advisable not to use a razor when it comes to cutting short styles for hair with thin or superfine textures. Razor cutting can result in a severe end splitting problem. Also, the razor can make the strands too flyaway. Scissor/shear combo can be the best option to create amazing chunky layers without risk of any damage.  


Using suitable hair extensions


If you have thinning hairline, it would be better to opt for hair extensions. In fact, the application of hair extension not only adds volume and depth to your fading hairline but also offers you the option to stylize it without harming your actual natural hair. In fact, you can easily apply color shades to the extensions. To make the scenario easier, you can approach a proper salon. There are plenty of quality hair extensions salon London available to meet your hair stylization requirements.


Artificial hair or the extensions offer you the option to apply chemicals and shining sprays for stylization purpose. These days, most of the celebrities opt for hair extensions to quickly enhance their hair styling. Many of the celebrities suffer from short hair and fading hairline. They prefer wearing Brazilian hair extensions to create that natural appeal. Some of the celebrities even opt for clip-in-ponytails and half-wigs.  

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